Bungalow is the epitome of comfort on one level. Ideal for singles and couples – even, and maybe especially, for those in the prime of their lives and old age. Above all for garden lovers as the garden is easily accessible from most points in your home.

Depending on the size of the house, the living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, office, utility room, bathroom, guest WC and storage room can be easily fitted on one floor. The basement provides plenty room for a sauna, technical installations (heating etc.) and a guest room.

The best part of the bungalow home is that you can plan direct access to the garden from every main room. Very few houses are planned with nature in mind to the same extent as Bungalow. The terrace doors open up from the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room or the office into the garden – no steps, no long hallways and no corners. Here again, you benefit from CREOPLAN’s individual planning: you can work with the basic idea, add an extension with a corner or two, add bay windows, a garage or a porch to create your very own dream home.

A tower turns your home into an Italian villa and makes for an ideal “granny flat”! Or maybe your office, your studio or whatever you want.

The concept’s characteristic: comfort

Bungalow is a perfect home for older people. From the beginning, one-floor homes can be planned with comfort in mind – in other words, wide doors, no stairs, with a lift and stair lift to the basement and ramp to the garden. The possibilities to customise your home are what make it so perfect.